Behind The Brand

Hey! I'm Alexis, and I'm the founder of Love With Pride.

Let me tell you a little bit about how it all started.

Throughout most of my early childhood, I felt a disconnect.
I knew that I was different from a lot of the other kids, but I didn't know in what way.

Fast forward to middle school, I realized I was queer and came out in seventh grade. I struggled with internalized homophobia for most of high school even though I appeared outwardly confident. I struggled with anxiety - My first panic attack happening before my first ever date with a girl. During my freshman year of college, my mental state had deteriorated to the point that I felt more isolated than ever before, even though I was surrounded by people.
That's when I realized I needed to make a change.

I did a deep dive into youtube psychology videos, anxiety management tips, attachment styles, the list goes on. I made it a priority to meditate at least once a day, ranging from minutes to hours, depending on my anxiety level. I started reconnecting with nature because I realized that's where I feel most at peace. Oh, and I got back into therapy, too. Since then, I have felt more in touch with myself than in all my previous years of life. Of course I still have ups and downs - it's a part of being human. But all in all, I've learned so much about being kind and patient with myself, and most importantly, about loving myself.

Throughout the years, when people would ask me what I want to do with my illustration degree, my response was always the same: "As long as I'm helping people and making an impact, I'll be happy."
And that's where Love With Pride comes in.

My goal with this brand is simple:
To foster love and connection between ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

Clothing is a huge factor in my own confidence, and I know countless others feel the same. I want to give people the confidence to feel proud of who they are. I want to make people laugh, to be able to provide that sense of joy. I want to encourage people to get back to their roots, which is being in harmony with nature - not clashing against it. And I want to inspire people to love proudly and live proudly.

Love With Pride is a message to love yourself as you would your best friend. To reconnect with nature and the Earth. To trust that what is meant for you will find you. To be proud of who you are and who you love. (And of course, to dress damn well while you're at it.)

No one is perfect. We are all beautifully flawed and deserve to be loved.
We deserve for every part of us to be loved.