Love with pride: created on-demand for zero-waste.

Almost everything we do as humans creates waste. However, there are certain actions that we can all take to minimize our impact on the planet and create a cleaner, healthier Earth for all of its inhabitants.
Here at Love With Pride, we are committed to doing just that.

Other apparel companies - even fair-trade ones - produce 30-40% more garments than they sell. If a company sells 300,000 garments in a year (which is about average) they will discard 90-120,000 garments in that year alone, which will go straight to a landfill.

In addition to this, modern landfills are sealed to keep out water and oxygen. This means they lack the bacterial activity required for the decomposition process to even begin, and so most garments - even completely organic ones - will never fully decompose. Between organic, synthetic, natural, and all other types of fibers - waste is usually inevitable regardless of how sustainably the garment was created. So how do we fix the ever-growing issue of fast fashion?

There is only one clear next-step for eliminating the 92 million tons of fabric waste that apparel brands produce yearly:
On-Demand apparel.

By creating all of our products on-demand,
Love With Pride
produces zero fabric waste.

Additionally, any un-sold returns or un-used samples are
never discarded and always donated.

Here at Love With Pride, transparency is important to us.
We vet our manufacturers heavily to ensure that their values align with ours. Here are some of the ways we work with our manufacturers to improve sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint:

  • We save ~1.5 million liters of water yearly by creating our products to order
  • We only use recycled mailers to ensure we don't create excess waste during the delivery process
  • We eliminate ~2.6 thousand kg of CO2 emissions yearly by producing our items on-demand
  • We never discard un-sold returns or samples; They are always donated to local homeless shelters.
  • We only use water-based inks to minimize VOC emissions and eliminate hazardous waste.

Are we perfect? No - no one is. However, we are dedicated to constantly improving and implementing new ways to offset our environmental impact to ensure the health of our Earth, and of everyone who lives on it: Humans, animals, and insects alike.