Working with local communities to restore landscapes on a global scale, Eden Reforestation Projects' mission is to protect ecosystems and restore the health of our Earth. The project works with local communities to create jobs with fair wages, and currently has over 6,000 people employed in vulnerable and underserved geographies worldwide. Located in over 5 countries, they focus on restoration and conservation that generates long-term ecological, social, economic, and biodiversity benefits.


    The Bee Conservancy is an organization dedicated to protecting bees, More than half of North America’s 4,000 native bee species are in decline, with 1 in 4 species at risk of extinction. TBC is committed to safeguarding the environment, and securing food justice through community-based education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy.


    Planned Parenthood works to ensure that all people have equal access to healthcare, abortion, sex education, and contraceptives worldwide. They offer education on abortion, birth-control, and STD treatment. Planned Parenthood centers feature abortion-friendly healthcare providers and non-judgemental treatment.


    Outright Action International is dedicated to achieving equal rights for LGBTQ+ people across the globe. Doing work in over 150 countries, they advocate for ending conversion therapy practices, implementing protection laws, eradicating gender-based violence anddiscrimination, decriminalizing same-sex relations, as well as assisting with access to gender affirmation surgeries.They offer numerous programs in different regions of the world in order to create community in at-risk areas. OAI is directly involved with and participates in policy-creation to create a world where everyone is treated equally.